About us


Mario Mrksa

CEO at grabAhome
Project Leader of WRC


Digital Nomad Valley aims to attract digital nomads and remote workers to the city of Zadar and Croatia. Not only do we wish to create the first sustainable digital nomad community in Croatia, but we aim to offer a comprehensive and unique neighborhood experience. We also aim to promote Croatia as a premier destination to remote workers around the world.

Through years of travel and incorporating digital nomad lifestyle, we have gained an understanding of the needs and desires of this expanding worldwide population. We recognize the importance of community and value partnership with innovators, private enterprise, local collectives, and leaders. These are among the key components we have pinpointed for the successful launch of this project.

Join us as we explore Croatia’s alluring coastal cities and sites and celebrate the natural beauty and rich heritage of our captivating country. Digital Nomad Valley is our first project out of many that we aim to build in the upcoming years.

We invite you to join our initiative and contribute building a remote work ecosystem in Croatia!