with gillie sutherland

Being a Digital Nomad, as with all Remote Workers and Entrepreneurs, your biggest commodity is your ENERGY.

As Nikola Tesla, one of our most famous (and smart!) Croatians, knew “energy is everything”.

Having enough energy is the secret to your motivation, your productivity, as well as your best ideas, and ability to make good decisions about your work as well as your life as a Digital Nomad.

So how do you ensure you have all the energy you need to do all you want to do?

You need to look after yourself – exercise and nutrition of course, but also getting your work/life balance right, having a healthy nervous system, a clear and steady mind, and a positive outlook.

In order for you to get the best out of your time in the Digital Nomad Valley, our Wellness Ambassador Gillie Sutherland has put together a programme of health and wellbeing specifically designed for the digital nomad with all these factors in mind.

Kickstart your morning with Miracle Mornings – movement, mindfulness and motivation to prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.

Get out into nature with Guided Hikes, and our Sunday Club, to help you switch off and re-set and re-charge your entire system so you are ready for a productive week ahead.

Of course, rest is equally important as movement, and being able to switch off the busy mind is essential for getting good sleep quality, and being able to function well.

So midway through the week, we will be getting cosy with Hygge Wednesdays, a restorative yoga and meditation session to help you unwind from the day, relieve any stress and get some good quality sleep. As with all the live classes, the sessions are recorded so you watch them again later, or at a time that better suits you.

Learn from our on-site Wellness Ambassador Gillie Sutherland about how to keep your immune system strong with the Wim Hof Method of breathing, mindset and some Wild Swimming, and how the Earth is actually a battery, so time in nature is the best way to charge up our energy.

Of course, good nutrition is essential to your health and wellbeing, and sustaining yourself throughout the day. Food is your fuel, but it’s not always possible to get all you would usually get back home in a more remote location. So we have put together a Healthy Eating Guide for Digital Nomads, full of local insights as well as nutritional advice to help you find your way.

As well as the Weekly Schedule of sessions included in the Health and Wellbeing Programme, there will also be regular Wellbeing Workshops and Special Events both on-site and off-site to inspire you, bring you together with other digital nomads and help you learn a bit more about how to stay healthy and happy in Zadar.

And if you need a more individual approach, our Wellness Ambassador Gillie Sutherland is also available for Personal Coaching. Perhaps you have specific health concerns, want to lose some weight, improve your overall fitness, or just get help with the next steps on your journey – whatever your issue, a confidential one-to-one session can help you structure a plan and make the changes you need.

If you have any questions about our Digital Nomad Health and Wellbeing Programme, you can contact Gillie within the Discord group WorkRemotelyCroatia or directly on

about gillie

This programme has been created by our Wellness Ambassador Gillie Sutherland, an experienced Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Meditation Teacher, also a Lifestyle Coach and Motivational Trainer.

Gillie’s unique brand of health and wellbeing is Wild Wellness, which is inspired by nature, but grounded in science. The concept is that we are plants, not machines, and the closer we are to nature – whether in terms of how we move, eat or live, the healthier we are.

Gillie holds a BA (Hons) degree in Physical Education, but she has also studied and worked in India, as well as many other countries around the world, so she has a wealth of experience in both Eastern and Western schools of thought.

As a Digital Nomad and Community Resident, with 18 months of experience of living in Croatia, and how the systems work, Gillie is also able to advise on various aspects of living in Croatia and working remotely.

More recently, her work has been inspired by Nikola Tesla, perhaps one of the most famous Croatians, who said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency”

This programme has been designed to help Digital Nomads stay healthy and happy throughout their stay and beyond, and is intended to educational as well as experiential.



Monday to Friday

8 – 8:45am Wake Up Wild Yoga – an energising and uplifting morning session to challenge the whole body, and give you the kickstart you need for a productive day ahead. Weather permitting this will be on the beach with an optional morning swim afterwards!

9 – 9:30am Mindful Movement and Meditation – a slow but powerful yoga and tai chi inspired session with breathwork and meditation to calm the mind, free the body, and bring a balanced energy to your day


6 – 7:00pm Hygge Wednesdays  – Restorative Yoga and Meditation

A session specifically designed to help you reduce stress levels, unwind the body from daily desk work, and help you sleep better. Educational as well as experiential, you will learn how to switch off the stress response, and induce relaxation to enable the body to return to it’s state of natural balance.


SUNDAY CLUB Every Sunday 11am start

Each Sunday there will be a Guided Hike in one of the surrounding areas to help ground your energy and feel more settled in your surroundings. Learn about Mindful Walking, the healing power of nature, and the work of Nikola Tesla and how it is relevant today in improving health and wellbeing.

For the brave and adventurous this may involve some Wild Sea Swimming, using the Wim Hof Method for cold water therapy.

Also a great chance to connect with your fellow Digital Nomads, we will finish the walk sharing a meal together, like a real Sunday lunch!


A two hour interactive and experiential workshop specifically designed for the Digital Nomad / Remote Worker to help enhance Health and Wellbeing. This could be an evening session or a Saturday morning, with a range of potential subjects.

  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Stress Management and Work / Life Balance for the Remote Worker
  • Supporting Your Immune System with Wim Hof Method


A Guide for residents as to what / where / when / how to shop and eat to maintain optimum health. This will be site specific, with guidelines on where to purchase fresh and healthy food, local produce, and everything you need to live healthily.

A written guide that can also be updated and a live section on the Discord channel.


For those that have specific goals or health issues, why not book a 1-1 session, where you can have space to talk things through with Gillie and come up with a personalised plan of action, and strategies to help you feel healthier and happier.


On-site and off-site community events related to health and wellbeing, perhaps pertaining to special dates in the calendar such as Winter Solstice.

MONTHLY FULL MOON CIRCLE – A group gathering with movement, music and meditation to celebrate the Full Moon! Learn about the cycles of nature, and the moon, and how to adapt your living in order to maximise the potential of the season.

First One – Friday 19th November 2021


*First class is free of charge

Health and Wellbeing Package – EUR 49 per month

  • Unlimited Classes
  • One Wellbeing Workshop a month
  • Guided Hikes
  • Healthy Eating Plan

Individual Health and Wellbeing offering

  • EUR 8 per class (both morning classes)
  • EUR 15 per week unlimited
  • EUR 40 per month unlimited

  • Sunday Club – HRK 100 per hike
  • Wellbeing Workshop – EUR 20
  • Personal Coaching – EUR 40 per hour